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Balta Carpets
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Balta carpets

Balta carpets

Balta carpets is the European market leader for  tufted and woven wall-to-wall carpet, in both synthetic and wool yarn.

The innovative and market-oriented polypropylene collections are known under three registered brands: Stainsafe, practical and easy to clean, Sensit, soft and shiny and X-Tron for intensive use.

Balta carpets is also known for its expertise in producing natural wool carpets under the brand Woolmaster. Balta also offers a wide collection of residential carpet tiles.

Balta carpets is always up with the latest trends and thanks to a flexible customer service driven approach, Balta carpets can satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Vertical integration from raw material to finished product, LEAN manufacturing, a dedicated management and a team of dynamic, motivated professionals are your guarantee for the highest quality at the most competitive price.



ITC, part of Balta Industries nv,  is one of the world's largest manufacturers of polyamide tufted wall-to-wall carpet for domestic and contract use.

ITC has grown to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of polyamide tufted wall-to-wall carpet. The company owes its rapid growth to a vigorous approach and a clear marketing strategy, underpinned by a concern for quality, market-oriented creativity and a perfect service.

Being vertically integrated, ITC manages and controls every stage in the production process, from raw material to finished carpet.