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Broadloom favourite refreshed for 2017
Balta Group

Long-term UK favourite, Gala & Stripes from Balta Carpets has been given a colour update for the new year with its spectrum of plain and striped carpet combinations ready to enhance UK residencies in 2017.

The loop pile Gala & Stripes, produced in 100% PP Stainsafe® fibre, has been available on the UK high street for no fewer than 25 years now, demonstrating a lasting popularity that is sure to strengthen with the exciting new shades on show. Homeowners will love the design possibilities that come hand in hand with the revamped Gala & Stripes collection, trending greys and silvers teamed with vibrant blues and reds for a particularly “of the moment” feel.

Research into the UK interiors sector has taught Balta that homeowners now seek a single source for their plain and striped carpet designs, and will often look to run striped carpet upstairs, with a coordinating plain in adjoining hallways and landings. Gala & Stripes caters to this very demand with 18 colourways (eight of which are brand new) that are ready and waiting to be presented to customers.

Geert Vanden Bossche, Marketing Director, believes Gala & Stripes’ longevity is set to continue:

“We are delighted to reveal a new, versatile colour bank held in Gala & Stripes, bringing this established broadloom collection into 2017 in stylish fashion. We expect the bright and bold stripes, and also coordinating plains, of Gala & Stripes to receive a positive reaction, with a fabulous mix of practical qualities extending the collection’s residential appeal.”

These qualities owe much to the brand’s 100% PP Stainsafe® fibre, Gala & Stripes representing a safer, trouble-free choice with its 15-year stain and 10-year wear warranties. These, coupled with a general commercial wear rating and easy cleanability, enhance Gala & Stripes’ reputation as a broadloom all-rounder now nestling nicely at the tip of the trend curve.
Gala & Stripes designs are available on both Blue Felt and Actionbac backing, and arrive in a four-metre width. The portfolio’s plain designs can also be purchased in a five-metre width, helping installers to avoid unnecessary wastage and unsightly seams.