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Find your fabulous in the new LOVE VINTAGE collection by ITC

Find your fabulous in the new LOVE VINTAGE collection by ITC

From iconic retro through to gorgeous floral, pre-loved and rediscovered, vintage means something different to so many, but through it all there is a sense of excitement, a joy in things past and a tentative anticipation of things future. Two worlds of the past and present combine in one glorious celebration of vibrancy, colour, pattern and texture.

With the new LOVE VINTAGE carpet collection by ITC, you can now enjoy the perfect floor to express your love for this highly personal take on a beautiful interior. With stripes for that 60s retro vibe, to tonal florals and faded aged effects, LOVE VINTAGE is eminently flexible and entirely perfect at bringing your own unique sense of style to the floor. In four colour worlds of Red, Blue, Grey and Beige, the collection makes it easy to discover a carpet that fits perfectly with your home, each of the 16 designs as beautiful as their names suggest. Whether Alethea, Seraphina or Celestia to name just three, vintage vibes can be felt through every resilient and hardwearing polyamide fibre, great for use right throughout the home.

Modern surroundings highlighted by retro accents, or classic interiors revelling in vintage overtones; this is a collection perfect for all wanting an expressive and characterful take on wall-to-wall carpet. Carefully considered and with an almost magical ability to work with your style, LOVE VINTAGE will make you fall in love with carpet all over again.